Poetry Class

Have you ever wondered how to get your students excited about poetry? Try teaching with humorous poetry! Here are some great lesson plans and tips on how to teach funny poetry in your classroom.

In addition, Meadowbrook Press has an entire web site dedicated to humorous children's verse: Giggle Poetry. Check it out for the best in funny poetry, great artwork, free poetry contests for kids, and more.

Finally, be sure to look at our best-selling line of humorous children's poetry anthologies below. These books are sure-fire kid pleasers.

Performing Poetry in Class

Performing Poetry: A Study Guide for Teachers by Kathy Norris. Everything a teacher needs to know about performing poetry in front of a class.

Get Your Students Excited about Poetry

How to Get Your Students Excited about Poetry by Bruce Lansky. Don't just read poetry to your students; get them excited about poetry!

How to Write . . .

Easy to follow instructions on how to teach your students to write different types of funny poems!

Opposite Day Poetry

Writing Fun with Turkey on the Run

How to Write a Clerihew

"Colors of the Seasons" Poetry Writing Activity

What is POETRY

Down By The Bay Part 1

Down By The Bay Part 2

Sharing a Poem with Audience Participation

If You Were and If I Were

"If I.."

Poetry about Feelings

Poetry Based on Songs



Tabloid Headline

New Year's Resolutions

Newfangled Tongue Twister

"I Can't Write a Poem" Poem

"My Bonnie" Poem

Respect Poem

Dream Poem

Giggle Rap

Funny Found Poem

Fun Way to Teach Similes

"Roses Are Red" Poem


"Newfangled Yankee Doodle" Poem

"What I'd Cook My Teacher for Lunch" Poem

An Anti-Smoking (Smoker's Epitaph) Poem

New Version of Shel Silverstein's "Sick" Poem

"What Bugs Me" List Poem

"Mary Had A Little Something" Poem


Sound Poem

Backwards Poem

"How Much Do I Love/Not Love You" Poem

"On Top of Old Smokey" Poem

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  I've Been Burping in the Classroom
I'm Allergic to School
Tall Tales of the Wild West

Revenge of the Lunch Ladies

Mary Had a Little Jam

If Kids Ruled the School  
  Kids Pick the Funniest Poems A Bad Case of the Giggles No More Homework! No More Tests!  
If Pigs Could Fly...
My Dog Ate My Homework! Miles of Smiles  
  Happy Birthday to Me! I Hope I Don't Strike Out! The Aliens Have Landed!