The Field Trip

by Eric Ode

The bus engine roared as we clambered on board
and took the first seats we could find.
Matthew had thought he’d have time for the bathroom,
but somehow we left him behind.
Pete put a beetle down Eleanor’s back.
He just didn’t think she would mind.
And Alex threw Tyler’s new coat out the window
when Tyler said something unkind.

It rained down a fuss when we got off the bus.
Our teacher was soaked to the skin.
And then when she found she forgot all our lunches,
her patience began to wear thin.
She got so befuddled, she stepped in a puddle.
The water went up to her shin.
And I’d gladly say what she said when it happened,
but I know that swearing’s a sin.

We moaned and we groaned as we started back home,
cranky, exhausted, and spent.
Sally was certain her stomach was hurtin’.
We soon understood what she meant.
My teacher might feel that this trip was a failure.
I’m sure that was not her intent.
I’ll tell her we had the most wonderful time.
I just can’t recall where we went.

Text© Eric Ode, reprinted from My Teacher’s in Detention, forthcoming from Meadowbrook Press. Illustration © Stephen Carpenter. Any copying or use of this poem or illustration without consent is unlawful.

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